1. What is "®"?
“®” is an innovative investment platform based on the Payeer payment system. The commission for transactional payments in the Payeer system allows you to extract daily profits for investors and partners of the system.

2. Who can invest in "®"?
Any person can invest in "®". There are no restrictions.

3. What investment plans do you offer?
We offer one of the most profitable plans: 130% profit for 1440 minutes.

4. What money do you accept?
You can only make payments using the Payeer payment system (USD).

5. How to make my first deposit?
Step 1. Enter the number of your Payeer purse (authorization / registration)
Step 2. Pay the deposit for any amount from 0.50 to 50 000 dollars
Step 3. Expect the body of the deposit plus the profit, after the expiration of the timer within 24 hours, automatically to your account in the system of fast payments Payeer.

6. What is the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit?
The minimum deposit amount is 0.50 USD, the maximum amount is 50 000 USD. You can send several deposits in a row.

7. Can I make multiple deposits in a row?
Yes, but the amount of each deposit should not exceed 50,000 USD.

8. After what time will the deposit appear in the list?
New deposits appear in the list automatically, but sometimes this process can take up to 20 minutes.

9. What do need to do to receive payment?
Payments are automatically made to your Payeer wallet 1440 minutes after the deposit.

10. Why did my deposit disappear from the list?
Probably your browser has lost cookies. Please log in again and go to the "My Deposits" section.

11. How much money will I get from the invited people (partners) in the form of remuneration?
You will receive 50% from replenishing your referrals to your wallet in Payeer quick money transfer system automatically!

11. How can I contact you?

If you have any additional questions - go to "OUR CONTACTS", or use the support chat on the site.